You can see the current list of best practices by hovering with your pointer over the “Best Practice tab” menu on the top right of your screen.= to veiw the Best practices lists. 

You can add your best practice to the collection we have compiled in the duration of the project.

How to add a Best Practice Example

This page contains instructions on adding your own best practice to this site.

The Stages in the Process of Adding Best Practices to the Digital Schools of Europe Website. 

Making Sure your are Registered

Go to the Website Dashboard

Setting Up your Best Practice Template

Adding your Best Practice Content

Viewing your work


1: Making Sure your are Registered

  • To add a best practice the user must be registered on this Website. You must have rights to add material.  Click on the button on top right of the page.
Registration Login button
  • Complete the registration form if you have not already done so. Once you are registered you will be given access rights to add material.  

2: Go to the Website Dashboard


Dashboard Header

  • When you log in you will see a new WordPress menu appear at the top of the Screen like this: This menu gives you access to the Digital Schools of Europe Dashboard where you add your Best Practice information.



Dashboard Dropdown Menu



  • Move your mouse over “Digital Schools of Europe item and you will see a drop-down menu appear. Select the Dashboard option.

3: Setting Up your Best Practice Template

In  WP Dashboard opens and a side menu bar appears for the Digital Schools of Europe Site. 

  • Look for the Pages option. Then Select “Pages”, “Add New” Pages on the Dashboard.

This will open the New Page Template.

Page attributes dialog box


  • Look for the Page Attributes section on the right of the screen and select “Best Practices Project Template! from the drop-down menu in the Templates section. This will create a page for you to paste in your Best Practices content.

4: Adding your Best Practice Content

      • Add content to each field on the Template page including a title and as many fields as possible below that.

Best Practice page Title section


      • When you have entered all your content for that Best Practice and checked it for errors. Make sure you also complete the final sections on Country, Subject, and Age.
      • Continue to add content to each content jbox that appears until you come to the end of the page.

Country, Subject and Age section at end of Best Practice template page.


      • When finished adding content click on “Publish button” on the right-hand side of the page.
      • That completes the process and saves your Best practice.


Publish button









5: Viewing your work

View Page tab

  • Click on the View Page tab to see your work.