CPR Región de Murcia
C/ Catedrático Eugenio Úbeda 3, 3ª planta 30008 Murcia

CPR Region de Murcia is an organization depending on the regional government of Murcia and its educational authorities devoted to the further training of in service teachers in primary, secondary and specialized schools.
CPR Región de Murcia provides training for as many as 800 primary and high schools, a number that also includes specialized centres for the teaching of languages, music and adult education, among other sectors. The variety of courses offered covers practically every aspect in teacher training, from voice education and the creation of healthy habits, to the specialized courses for any of the subjects in the Spanish curriculum (Foreign Languages, Art, History, Mathematics, etc…) or to the introduction of ICT in our schools, an area to which much of our attention has been given in recent years.

CPR Region de Murcia counts with a number of advisors specialized in the organization of ICT training in the key competences outlined in the DigComp framework as well as in training for multilingualism in several languages, mainly English, French and German. One of the areas we have been working lately in an intensive manner is the implementation of digital teaching and learning in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device Model) where students use their tablets to develop the curriculum with digital resources provided by the publishing houses and or created by the teachers themselves.

Another area we cater for the schools is their participation in European programmes developing workshops where we enable them to fill in their applications for KA1 and KA2 as well as generic activities to disseminate the programme.

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Affiliated Schools

Below you will see links to the website’s of the schools and a brief summary of each school outlining the school environment, technology usage, issues and successes. These are the schools affiliated with Centro De Profesores y Recursos Región De Murcia for the DSoE project.

CEIPS San Agustin


San Agustín school is a grant- aided school which offers the following types of education: Nursery, Infant school ,Primary school ,Secondary Education ESO, and Pre University. It is in the locality of Fuente Álamo, with its own council town.
The population is native with an incrementing immigration, a lower middle cultural level, but with an ascending progression thanks to the rising number of young people with secondary and higher education. The economic activity of Fuente Álamo has progressively moved from the primary sector (agriculture and small farms) to the tertiary sector (services, stores, commerce…) and industrial sector and technology ( creation of one of the biggest technological parks in Spain “ Technological park of Fuente Álamo”),
San Agustín school puts the main emphasis on imparting IT-Skills. The European dimension is also one of the main objectives in our school, trying to emphasise the intercultural knowledge and knowledge of foreign languages. In fact, the school is bilingual since five years.
The headmaster of San Agustín makes a systematic effort that the teachers of our school live with these demands and give this enthusiasm to the pupils.
Besides from the regular classes we also have classes for children with special needs, such as A.D.H.D, emotional difficulties and learning difficulties in general to help these children to get the basic objectives of this stage.We do have approximately 20% immigrants integrated in different classes at school. We think that working with a European dimension would show tolerance towards “strangers”.

At the school we use ipads one to one in Secondary. All the teachers have an ipad too to work in group and share experiences and all the classrooms have digital blackboards and projectors.

In Primary and Infant we use technology in the class too but working in groups.
Digital blackboards in the classrooms since 10 years.
We have introduced Robotics using LEGO and programming using Scratch and similar programs based in blocks programming.

We would like to work with ipads in primary.
Introduction of Arduinos and 3D printers.
Improve the methodology related to technology.
Improve the WIFI network
We communicate with the parents digitally , with an APP ( Remind)
We work with projects thanks to ipads.
We have participated in different LEGO tournaments getting some prizes.

CBM Hernandez


CBM Hernandez

At Hernández Ardieta school there are 600 students more or less, from 3 to 12 years old.
It is placed in a rural village called Roldán.
At this school children study: Spanish, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, P.E., Religion, English, French, Reading… there is one compulsory hour to use ICT room.
In English lessons there is also one hour in the computer room.
There is also specific lessons for students that don´t speak Spanish because their mother language is not Spanish, and specific teachers to attend students with difficuties of learning.
There are 50-55 teachers.

In our school there are 3 computer rooms: one in kindergarden, one in Primary and one used in French and English lessons. All of our classes have got Interactive Board, computers with Internet connection and there are three groups (4th level) carrying a project of tablets, called Ardietab @ardietat.

One of our challenges is the use of tablets in our school and leting our students to be responsible when using ICT.
One of the aims is to let our students to create content and to use ICT to communicate properly.

Our students are able to create Powerpoint, word documents, use AR to create challenges, create infographics.