English with Puppet Pals


Practicing English phrases with Puppet Pals


Murat Eliyürekli

Name of school



900 pupils from age 6-16


A goal for the lesson will be to create engagement through modern technology, which most likely leads to greater interest in the work and the better results shown by using the iPad and the app Puppet pals. They will develop their creativity and their interest in creating and developing the language of thinking, communicating and learning.Another aim is to develop trust in their ability to use the language (English in this case) in different situations and for different purposes and gain confidence in their language ability and can express themselves in different contexts and for different purposes. The last two purposes are directly adapted / intended for the English language and the Swedish curriculum.
Therefore, the abilities they will develop include Communicate with images to express messages, create images with digital techniques and formulate and communicate in spoken and written terms.



Moment 1 (25-30 min)

ICT educator shows how the app works

How to choose characters


How to create your own characters and backgrounds

How to record, move, reduce, enlarge, and leave characters outside and inside.

ICT educator shows how it can be done when recording and then looking at it all.

Moment 2 (60-80 minutes)

Students are divided (single, couple or three in each group).

Students get instructions to think about and write down what’s going to happen in their movies. Their English dialogues are created in this moment. Larger focus is placed on commonly used phrases, such as greetings.

The students will only have 15 minutes to test the functions.

It’s important that students do not get disturbed when recording their movies so that audio from the background does not come with.

Once the movies are created, they are saved on the iPad. They also save it to Gogole Drive.

Moment 3 (60 minutes)

Film screening.

Moment 4.

After 3 months, students do a similar project. The purpose is to compare their movies. Students can clearly hear how their language store has grown and that the student has more fluid in his reading.


iPad with the app Puppet Pals. Also download more characters (costs about 5 euro). They need to see examples of dialogues on English to get motivated and to be inspired.


What we will achieve at the end of the lesson is that students can use the English language by providing simple instructions and descriptions in English. Understand English speaking. Can use simple, everyday phrases in English. This material is stored in the drive to show the student that these items can be met. Another purpose of saving the movie is to show it again to the student after a certain time and record a new movie where you can clearly show the improvement the student has done during this time.


The abilities they will develop include Communicate with images to express messages, create images with digital techniques and formulate and communicate in spoken and written terms. The ipad becomes the main ICT object do get through with this project.



You could write down phrases and dialogues to each other in other countries and the other ones could make the movie with the dialogues and phrases. After they are done, they could send them back.




The pupils enjoy the concept about making movies because they do not think that it´s a lesson for English. They are not shy speaking English as they are when they stand in front of the whole class and speaks.



We should do this more often!


This is really engaging.


When can we do it again?







10, 11, 12