Schools engaged in the DSoE project will start working with eTwinning at an early stage. Partners wish that all our schools and involved teachers have done the following (click here for support):

  • If you are not already registered you can do that at
  • Log in to eTwinning Live and make sure your profile is as you want it to be. Add a photo to your profile.
  • In the menu “People” – Add John Kraaer and Annie Bergh as your contacts.
  • You will then be invited to participate in the collaborative platform “TwinSpace” where DSoE has the TwinSpace Digital Schools of Europe – Schools:

etwinning page


  • You can always choose your national language to work in at the top of the page. When you have access to the page above start opening the page “Description of school – and ideas for projects.”
  • Follow the instructions in the page and create a new page. Name the page as your school name and country in the title.
  • One of the things we want you to do is to suggest a topic or an idea for a project. This does not have to be a huge project – maybe a small seasonal project to start with.
  • Please do this as soon as possible and will work more with eTwinning and you will have the possibility of finishing your planning.
  • Contact your local coordinator of DSoE or if you need more help.