I am a love broker


I am a love broker


Alexander Tandefelt

Name of school



20 students in mixed ages from year 1 to year 3


The aim of the task was to identify students at school that could lead to problems or conflicts. Then come to a solution to the problem and visualize in a movie how it can happen when a conflict arises and how it can get its solution using pictures, a narrative and lines.


The method was that they had to work out a script in smaller groups, with a narrative and all the characters’ replicas. When the script was finished, they had to work out an image manuscript showing where they are located and where the different characters are talking. The pupils were allowed to build their own characters and their environments themselves.

Initially, the students learned that their films were to be seen by the director and staff from the organisation Return (where they built their characters of recycled material) and also published on the school’s facebook page. When students work towards real recipients it gets a bigger value and it’s more true. Working very handy also makes it more fun and suits most students, especially our newly arrived students who can not speak as much verbally.



The material we used came from recycled materials and the students cut apart old clothes and yarns for the manufacture of the dolls. Their environments painted each group together on big rolls as we rolled out on the floor. Finally, we used Ipad to take still pictures, record audio, add music and edit (iMovie)


Last day of the project we had premiere for all four films. The classroom was refurbished to a cinema and everyone was invited to juice. The Head was in place and we had discussions about each movie, the problem, the solution, if someone recognized himself or had found himself in similar situations. How was the situation resolved before? What did you think about the movie’s solution? Can it work properly? Was there anything else that you thought about? Did you miss something in the movie?


Photography, audio and music recording, voice recording, movie editing



The students were involved in everything except planning. They did all the work themselves, but got support when we used Ipad and edited because it was a new app / app for them.


We used Lindängen Recycling Center when we created material for the films. At the same time, a subdivision from the city of Malmö was there to review the recycling center’s work in the area. They then got a chance to look at when the students were working and the students told me what they were working with and that they were working on making movies.


A varied way of working with very practical elements. Group work in groups that became very good and with authentic recipients (principal, return and school facebook). I felt like they were proud to work with a real movie and that it created a “we” feeling in the group. Our movie!




All students gave very positive evaluations of the week of the project and wanted to work like this all weeks.





Cross curricular


7, 8, 9