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Here is the Technology Enhanced Learning Roadmap (TEL) for Resources and Infrastructure. This is one of the five key areas a school would focus on when becoming a Digital School of Europe. For simplicity of presentation the Roadmap is displayed on five separate pages one for each area of focus as shown above.

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Roadmap has 4 consecutive stages of progression.

  1. Initial
  2. Enabled
  3. Confident
  4. Mature

Each stage represents a more advanced stage than its predecessor.

It is not unusual for a school to be at different stages across each of the areas listed on the Roadmap. For example, schools may find that they are in the Initial stage one area and perhaps the Enabled stage in another. The TEL Roadmap is designed to generate discussion among the TEL team around the five key areas and their sub-criteria. Becoming a Digital School of Europe does not require schools to be in the Mature Stage but they should target the Enabled and Confident stages instead. Move your mouse over the stages to learn more about them and the criteria required for each stage.

To carry out a Self-evaluation of your school on one or more of the five key areas select the Self-evaluation menu item.


ICT Infrastructure and Resources

Planning for Acquisition of Resources


Basic level of planning for ICT acquisition exists.

Initial Planning & Acquisition

The existence of basic ICT infrastructure should be part of the ICT part of the school plan.


Some level of ICT purchase planning takes place, including standardisation of ICT equipment.

Enabled Planning & Acquisition

Start the purchasing of some equipment according with the established plan.


Procurement planning and standardisation of ICT equipment is the norm.

Confident Planning & Acquisition

Normalize the purchase and and standardisation of ICT equipment.  


There is an integrated approach to procurement which considers full operating costs of ICT equipment and technical support provision.

Mature Planning & Acquisition

The plan must include the full operating costs of ICT equipment and technical support.

ICT Infrastructure and Resources

Internet Access and Wi-Fi availability


There is an Internet connection in the school.

Initial Internet & Wi-fi

Examine the possibility of establishing a reliable internet connection in the school.


Most rooms and computers are connected facilitating access to online and network resources.

Enabled Internet & Wi-fi

Provide WEb access in all rooms. There may be access to LANs, VLEs, Broadband and Cloud computing.


A sufficiently fast connection extends to all areas of the school and includes Wi-Fi accessibility.

Confident Internet & Wi-fi

Provide a fast connection in all areas and Wi-Fi accessibility.


All teachers and students have secure access to online resources and documentation from within the school and remotely.

Mature Internet & Wi-fi

Provide a secure access to online resources and documentation on the school’s website or repository. 

ICT Infrastructure and Resources

Technical Support


Technical support is carried out using mainly voluntary assistance. Occasionally a technician is paid to carry out urgent work.

Initial Technical Support

Identify an ICT coordinator and technical support option.


Technical Support is provided by an external company on a call-out basis as required. No technical support contract is in place.

Enabled Technical Support

Implement a technical support procedure including maintenance and support actions.


The school can rely on an arranged and consistent technical support service.

Confident Technical Support

Technical Support is in place through a constant plan.


Technical support is planned and integrated with ICT procurement planning which considers changes and upgrades of ICT systems and equipment on an ongoing basis.

Mature Technical Support

Technical support is connected to changes and upgrades of ICT systems and equipment on an ongoing basis.

ICT Infrastructure and Resources

Digital Content


Limited TEL resources are available.

Initial Digital Content

Initiate a culture of use of TEL resources.


The school has a range of appropriate TEL resources to support learning at all levels.

Enabled Digital Content

Provide a list of software and digital content at all levels.


There is easy access, in school, to appropriate digital content catalogued by subject/curriculum area.

Confident Digital Content

Software and digital content catalogued by subject/curriculum area.


The school creates its own customised digital content which is accessible from home and school.

Mature Digital Content

Create digital content and make it accessible from home and school.

ICT Infrastructure and Resources

ICT Equipment


Some classrooms have a computer. Other appropriate peripheral digital devices are available as shared resources.

Initial ICT Equipment

School should include in the plan a minimum requirement for ICT equipment and digital tools available for classrooms.


Some rooms have digital display device and computers. Other peripheral digital devices are used for TEL activities.

Enabled ICT Equipment

Provide a digital display device and a computer in all rooms and include student interactivity features.


All learning areas have access to a range of ICT equipment including a digital display device and multiple shared, Wi-Fi enabled, devices to improve learner access to resources.

Confident ICT Equipment

Provide ICT equipment including digital display device and multiple shared, Wi-Fi enabled, devices.


All learning areas have access to a range of ICT equipment. Provision is made for the incorporation of students’ mobile devices.

Mature ICT Equipment

Provide ICT equipment in all rooms. Initiate the use of mobile devices in learning process.