Assessment of Learning and Assessment For Learning using Online Platforms


Paul O Connor

Name of school

St.Mark’s Senior National School


St.Mark’s is a co-educational school which opened in 1973. There are currently 525 childen attending the school, aged from 8-13 years. The school has a Catholic ethos but is cognisant of all faiths and none. The school currently provides additional support for children with English as an Additional Language and Special Educational Needs.


Kahoot is interactive and motivational online platform which can be used for Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning. Children can enhance digital literacy through the creation of their own quizzes and assessment challenges. Children can work collaboratively as teams to complete tasks also.


Children are assigned quizzes which are completed in a collaborative/competitive setting. Teacher receives results at the end of completion and children are ranked accordingly. Teachers can see which questions children answered incorrectly to help identify areas that need further instruction. Children can also design and create their own Kahoot quizzes to share with their class and to demonstrate their learning of a given topic.


Kahoot can be accessed using desktop and mobile devices such as iPads.


Upon completion of a task, children’s results are sent to the teacher who can identify areas of strength and weakness for each child. Areas that need further work can be identified. Children can create their own quizzes to demonstrate their subject knowledge.


Children can create their own Kahoot quizzes which they present to the class or share with our eTwinning partners. Kahoot can also be used to create a project-based quiz which demonstrates subject knowledge of a given topic.


Partner schools are encouraged to register with Kahoot. Kahoot quizzes can be shared with individuals or with a global community i.e. partner schools.


Children can create quizzes to share for their eTwinning partners.


Parents are encouraged to assist their children in the creation of Kahoot quizzes.


Kahoot is successful because it motivates the children to achieve subject mastery. It enhances their digital literacy through the development of ICT skills such as use of e-mail and creating and sharing quizzes.



Kahoot is a fantastic motivational assessment tool. The children really enjoy playing it and learning is being assessed without the children even realising it.


I love Kahoot! It is so much fun! We can make our own Kahoots and play them with our classes!


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