Pedagogisk Inspiration Malmö
Pedagogisk Inspiration Malmö
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Our organisation aims at all the primary schools with children age 6 to 16 years old in all the aspects of teaching; leadership, management, mathematics, coding, ICT, languages, ethics and leading in the classroom.

The partner organization  “Grundskolans IT-enhet, Malmö Stad” is the ICT-unit for the compulsory schools in Malmö and cooperate  with the city’s 70 schools (26 000pupils and 4500 employees)  and has a staff of 30 employees with pedagogical and technical expertise. The Unit works with development of  ICT as a tool for learning with the overall aims of inclusion, rising the standards, equality and sustainability to foster digital literacy for all pupils. Grundskolans IT-enhet is working in a school context in the city of Malmö that has the most diverse population  amongst Sweden’s big cities, having close to 40% of its residents with a background from 174 foreign countries of a population of 318 000. Members of the ICT-unit have extensive experience of working with educational ICT projects in European context and has been engaged in Comenius and e-Twinning projects.

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Affiliated Schools

Below you will see links to the website’s of the schools and a brief summary of each school outlining the school environment, technology usage, issues and successes. These are the schools affiliated with Malmö Stad for the DSoE project.





Oxievångsskolan is located in a small village just outside Malmö. We are close to nature and city at the same time.

ICT Implementation

In the last six years we made several investments in technology. All the students have access to computers or tablets and we have projectors in every classroom. We work and communicate in GAFE, which have made the work a lot easier for us.

ICT Challanges

The biggest challenge is to maintain the investments in computers. They get old and it is expensive to buy new computers when we need them.
Another challenge is to meet the students where they are in their digital experience. Some students are real hackers and some have no experience at all. And we have them in the same classrooms.

Västra hamnens skola


vastra hamnens

Västra hamnens skola is situated in Västra hamnen in Malmoe which is a fairly new area in Malmoe.

We have started our digital development and have a few challenges Before we reach our goal. The number of digital tools must increase and the variety and knowledge as well.




Videdalsskolan is located in the outskirts of Malmo. Most of the pupils live close to the school. We have a wide range of ethnic diversity among our pupils. One part of our school is for pupils with special needs. Videdalsskolan has about 700 pupils and about 100 staff memebers. Childrens age are from 6-16.

ICT Implementation

We are constantly trying to improve our technical availability. All the students have access to computers or tablets and we have projectors in every classroom. The whole school is equiped with wifi, making internet avalible everywhere. We work and communicate in GAFE.


In the coming year we are aiming for one to one computing in some of our grades and this will be a challenge for us. To get all the teachers and pupils to use ICT at the same level will require continuous training.


When pupils use ICT we make it easier to share and collaborate both with each other and with the teachers. We use computers and tables to get our youngest pupils to learn how to read through writing (Writing to reading).
Many of our pupils have tested how to program using Scratch and Arduino.



Jenny's skolan

Lorensborgsskolan is located close to the city center of Malmo. Most of the pupils live close to the school. Approximately 90% of the pupils speak another language as mother tongue. Lorensborgskolan has about 380 pupils and about 60 staff memebers. Childrens age are from 6-13.

Digital Technology Implementation: 

At Lorensborgsskolan we have about 100 laptops for pupils, and about 30 iPad. All staff members have a laptop for personal use. All classrooms are equipped with Smartboards or interactive projectors. All the children have an account in GAFE.


The standard of our local wi-fi and the possibilities to connect several devices at the same time in the classroom. A challenge is also to get ALL the teachers to use ICT in education, the differences of ICT knowledge is big and make hard to achieve equal education.


The writing process among children using computers is much easier to follow. Many pupils have developed a better writing method thanks to working with their texts on the computer.



Denna bild får endast användas av press och media. Personerna på bilden får ej användas i generande sammanhang.

It is a school from the ages 6 – 16 years old and it is situated in a multiucultural part of Malmö. The number of staff is about 55 and students about 320

Laptops, Ipads, 3D-printer, Google classroom, Youtube, Kahoot, Plickers, blogger, apps are some of the things we use.

There are not enough laptops and Ipads. The students are not always focused on the school task.

The students are more aware of the tasks for each subject. It is easy to find their work on one place. They can also write and share their work with each other. It is inspiring for the students to use the technologies.



Söderkullaskolan malmopunktse

Söderkullaskolan is the largest elementary school in Malmö with aprox. 1000students in the age between 6-16 and about 140staff members. It is located in north east of Malmö, in an area where most people have immigrant backgrounds. Our students speak all together more than 20 different languages. In 7-9th grade we also have special international classes where English is mainly spoken. Söderkullaskolan is in the top 10 of schools in Malmö. Which means that most students continue to higher studies.

Digital Technologies implemented: 

iPad-class batches -used in various ways. Mostely for writing and working in Google Apps. But also for creating movies, music and scrapbooks. We also have personal iPads for students with special needs, as for an example dyslexia. This is cooperation between special teachers, mentors and IT. All our teachers and pedagogs use plattform-computers and iPads. All classrooms has a digital projector.


Wi-fi and broken tech-units.


IT is one of our school´s 4 cornerstones, which means that working with IT has a high priority.