News for Kids and Kahoot


News for Kids and Kahoot


Marie Carlsson, Maria Simbotin, Nagham Alhamidi

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50 students Age: 8-9 years Multiculturul klassrum


Students will talk about current social issues, pupil-oriented life issues, human rights, children’s rights, norms and rules in everyday life, and why they are needed.


At the end of each day, the students look at Lilla Aktuellt (news adapted to children) and once every two weeks, the students are tested using Kahoot.
Kahoot serves as a quiz and contest and students receive instant feedback on their answers. Students receive one question at a time with 2 to 4 answer options. The teacher reads the question and answer options, and you may choose to add pictures / short films as image support. The students press a color. Each question is discussed and followed by open questions after the students have answered. The time the students undertake to answer a question can be adapted based on the students’ needs.
One can also take it one step further to the students creating their own kahoots for the news, which they can then test on each other.


Account of the kahoot for the teacher to create / find different quiz, own computers, internet access, projector access to watch the news as well as to conduct quizzes.


The students demonstrate basic knowledge about subjects that are addressed. Depending on how to formulate the questions, you can also get opinions. The questions open for discussion. It will be easy to compile results of student achievement, individually or for a whole class and be able to see what you need to do more with. As a teacher you can get feedback right away if the questions were too difficult or too easy, etc. to know how to formulate these next time.


Kahoot is a tool that facilitates the design of digital quiz. It is used to test the students’ basic knowledge and to open up discussions.



The questions can be adapted based on the students’ interests. Students will be given the opportunity to make connections to their own experiences when discussing.



Help teachers to adapt teaching for students in need of additional adjustments. For example. can students with  difficulties of expression participate by choosing between different options.
It will be easy to use image support when you can add pictures / films to be analyzed.



Easy to follow the students’ knowledge. The competition gives the students the opportunity to be motivated. The interest in social issues has increased among the students.


When will we have a kahoot on Little Aktuellt?
Do not forget Lilla Aktuellt!





Cross curricular


8, 9