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This page has been created to facilitate discussion and examination of the “Digital Schools of Distinction”  self-evaluation review. Your feedback will add to the enhancement of the Digital Road-map we are compiling as part of the DSoE project. The process should not take more than 20 minutes to complete all 45 questions.

The self-evaluation  focuses on the integration of Digital Technologies (referred to here as ICT)  in your school in the areas of (1) Leadership and Vision of the school, (2) Integration into the Curriculum, (3) School Culture, (4) Continuing Professional Development and (5) Resources and Infrastructure in your school.

As you complete each of the 5 question groups note any comments you may have and add them in at the end. If you would like to offer more detailed comments please email them to the lead partner contact in your country or alternatively email them to

When reflecting on the questions, you could use the self-evaluation to enable you to assess where you stand as a Digital School. As you proceed, reflect on the questions in each of the 5 criteria as being a guide for the Digital Road-map and what steps are needed to meet the highest standards from your perspective. You will also be able to select a “Not Applicable” option if you deem a question not relevant to your national context. Finally we would also like your comments on the questions as to how they might be perceived by our future users.

Thanks for your participation.

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NOTE: To repeat the exercise click the Start Quiz button. (In the questions the term ICT refers to Digital Technologies)

Self-evaluation Review

This form quiz is designed to use the self-evaluation review to help develop a Rodmap for the Digital Schools of Europe.