Leadership Planning Roadmap
TEL in the Curriculum Roadmap
Professional Development Roadmap
Your School’s TEL Culture Roadmap
Resources & Infrastructure Roadamp


The Roadmap helps the Technology Enhanced Learning team and planners to analyse the school’s current stage of development in Technology Enhanced Learning and identify priorities for the future.

Completion of the Self-evaluation tool associated with the Roadmap provides the school with a snapshot of its strengths and challenges in relation to Technology Enhanced Learning and allows the school to identify priorities for progression to more advanced stages.

The Technology Learning Roadmap is used to identify where the school in at in five key areas.

  • Leadership and planning
  • ICT in the curriculum
  • Professional development
  • Technology Enhanced Learning culture
  • ICT infrastructure

We have provided an individual roadmap for each of these areas as shown above. Once you choose a section you will be given the opportunity to complete a Self-evaluation in that area.

Interactive info-graphic for the DSoE Roadmap

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