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The Walking Dead


Emma Abrahamsson

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20 pupils, 15-16 years old, have Swedish as a second language


Many of the students have seen or at least heard about the TV-show “The Walking Dead” and the apocalyptic theme is a common topic in popular culture today. The frequent discussion of this topic is one of the reasons for this project. We will read the first volume of the comic book “The Walking Dead”, on which the TV-show is based. Based on what we read we will have discussions about the plot but also about the morality and the ethics of what it is to be human. The students will also be able to compare the story and development in the comic book with the TV-show and as a final production they will write either a narrative text (fanfiction) or an instructive text. The chosen text will be presented orally using some kind of digital tool.
The goal of the project is not only to practice their reading skills, but also to become better at analysing and speaking English. Since many of them have Swedish as a second language, English becomes a third and in some cases a fourth language. Therefore it is of great importance that the English texts are combined with the support of images as it is in comic books.


At the beginning of each lesson the students are given the structure and goals for the lesson. This method is used so that they all know what they are supposed to do, but more important so that they know what skill they are supposed to practice. For example, “Goal; practice speaking”. Before the lesson ends they are given time to reflect on whether or not they have reached the goal, this also give the students time to reflect about their learning process. The goals should be easy so that even the struggling pupils can leave feeling they have achieved something. Before reading we go through some of the difficult words, so that there will be as few interruptions as possible. One of the assignments for each reading session is to work with the vocabularies. They do this by using their own strategies and the language they have to explain new English words in English. We never translate into Swedish since the students often don’t understand the Swedish word.



All the material, from the analytical questions to the comic book, is shared with the students through iTunesU. The students will show their knowledge both in the classroom and through written reports in this platform.


I work with formative assessment where I give feedback in class in classroom discussions. When we discuss different moral issues connected to the comic student’s answers are written on the white board to show alternative ways to build the sentence and/or develop the answer. This exercise is made so that students with different skills can always be allowed to see how their language can be improved. The students will also learn from each other in group discussions.

The students will after this work with their answers in written form. The oral presentations will be followed by peer response for further feedback. The final essay will be graded without feedback; however the discussions in class will help with the written assignment.


We will work through iTunesU and the presentations will take form in either iMovie or Book Creator.



They will be offered to choose what kind of text the final essay should be and from which character perspective to write from if they choose the narrative text type. Their written essay should be presented in front of the class and here they can choose what app and what form they will use; making a movie or making a book with a recorded narration.



It is successful based on the fact that it involves popular culture which many of the students already know about and are interested in. The structure is very clear and the students can follow the structure from week to week and therefore know exactly what they are supposed to do and what they are supposed to improve.



Fun and interesting


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