The Course title is Digital Technologies in the Primary Classroom. The Course will be available
on-line on the DSOE Website.

Course Objectives
This course should enable participants to:
Use a range of technologies effectively in the Primary classroom
Identify, use and share curriculum relevant online resources for the Primary classroom
Explore the use of the internet to connect with DSOE users and communities
Explore the use of ICT for assessment in the Primary classroom
Create Primary learning resources using ICT
Discuss the use of ICT for Primary with other course participants, with a particular focus on
their own classroom.

Course Content
This course consists of five modules. Each course module focuses on a particular technology
in the context of its application in the primary classroom, exploring its use and benefits to
support learning, to develop resources and to engage students.

Module 1: Office tools in the Primary Classroom
Module 2: Digital Presentations in the Primary Classroom
Module 3: Online Resources in the Primary Classroom
Module 4: Digital Media in the Primary Classroom
Module 5: Digital Storytelling in the Primary Classroom
Completion of all five modules will result in issue of a Certificate of Completion. To obtain the
Certificate participants are encouraged to engage as fully as possible with the content and in
particular to contribute to the discussions.

Participant Interaction
Throughout the course, participants are invited to join in a range of online discussions on the
topics covered in the course as well as complete a course assignment (report on their own
application of technologies covered). As well as providing answers to the questions posed by
e-tutors in the discussion forum, participants are expected to meaningfully engage with other
participants on the course and provide feedback on resources and comments shared by other