Digital Schools of Europe Validators Course. The course will be available on-line
on the DSOE website. The course is intended for DSOE validators who require upskilling to
be acquainted with changes in the validation process and for trainees who wish to become
DSOE validators. This course is of significant importance as we expect the need for validators
to increase substantially as the number of schools requesting validation increases. Trainees
who request access to the course will have to meet specific criteria and have experience in
schools where digital technologies are prevalent

Course Objectives

Understand the process of becoming a Digital School
Become familiar with the five criteria for Digital School Status
Explore techniques for assessing schools for Digital Schools Status
Explore the the process of reporting
Discuss the process with other course participants

Course Content
The course will contain 3 modules on:
Module 1: Becoming a Digital School of Europe.
Module 2:The Validation Process for Schools

    How schools apply for DSOE status
    Reviewing the material supplied to become a DSOE
    The Validation Visit
    Writing the Validation Report

Module 3:Validation vist, Report and Case Studies

Completion of all three modules will result in issuing of a Certificate of Completion. To obtain
the Certificate participants are encouraged to engage as fully as possible with the content
and in particular to contribute to the discussions that may be presented.
Participant Interaction

Completion of the course may require trainees to be assessed. The participants will be
assessed on their knowledge of the five criteria for becoming a Digital.

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