Course title: Becoming a DSOE school. The course will be available on-line on the DSOE
website. The course is intended for administrators and managers of schools who wish to
become DSOEs. This course is important because completion of this course along with the
Roadmap will help schools identify the pitfalls and effectively deal with change management
issues which may arise when schools embark on the journey to become a DSOE.Course Objectives

Understand the process of becoming a Digital School
Become familiar with the five criteria for Digital School Status
Explore techniques for assessing schools for Digital Schools Status
Dealing with change in schools
Share schools experiences during the process of becoming a DSOE
Course Content
The course will contain 3 modules on:
Module 1: The five Criteria for Digital Schools Status form a Management perspective
Module 2:The Process and Validation for Schools and how to drive and facilitate change.
How schools apply for DSOE status
Reviewing the material supplied to become a DSOE
Preparing reports for Validation
Managing the Validation Visit
Module 3: Preparing Documentation for for the eLearning Team
Module 4: Developing your DSOE Plan
Review and Prioritise
Develop the Plan
Implementation and Monitor

Completion of all modules should result in schools applying and achieving for DSOE status.

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