World War II and Nuclear Physics


World War II and Nuclear Physics


Belmina Omerhodzic, Konstantin Papadopoulos

Name of school



30 pupils, 15-16 years old


The main goal for this project is for the pupils to develop and consolidate abilities such as analyzing, reflecting and to see how different school subjects are connected. Through this project we facilitate for the pupils to reach higher grades.


We start every lesson with a short briefing either from the history teacher or the physics teacher. The briefing includes multimodal tools, for more inspired learning. After the brief the pupils usually get a task, we discuss the task with them and because we always are two teachers in the classroom, the pupils will always get at least two explanations of the task so they can adapt the task easier. The pupils usually work in a group which encourages them to work.


iTunes U is the platform that we use. All the subject matter that we use is within there, such as digital textbooks, videos, tasks, more important briefings (flipped classroom) and the layout for the course. We use ITunes U because the pupils can reach the materials wherever they are, look at it and read it several times and take notes during the lesson or any time and it will be saved in ITunes U. Everything in one place.


The assessment is done continuously through the course, the pupils hand in their tasks in iTunes U and we give them feedback so that they can improve themselves. As previously mentioned, we are always two teachers in the classroom but also within the assessment, which makes the assessment more accurate and fair.


ICT is the key to this project; the school has invested money and purchased 1:1 iPad for the pupils and the teachers, Apple TV in two classrooms and MDM solution, which means we will soon be able to work with Apple classroom and help the pupils stay focused during class. Through the Apple TVs the students can work within groups and reflect work from their iPad on the TV through Airplay , which means that the pupils don’t need to crowd around a small iPad screen when working.
Flipped classroom is one method that we use, which means that we record the briefing and put it in iTunes U. We believe this method facilitates the learning for the pupils because they can watch the video several times and also before the lesson and prepare relevant questions and discussions. All the tasks are made in apps such as Pages, Keynote, IMovie, and because both teachers are certified Apple teachers the lessons and the tasks retains a high standard. We chose to have it all digital because we believe that with multimodal tools the pupils will gain more and be able to exhibit more easily.




The pupils have been involved in and effected the educational programming applicable assessment and briefing.



Interdisciplinary cooperation between the physics and history where there is a theme. Gains for the students are that there are two teachers in the teaching situation rather than one. The examination can be a time of questions from both areas, instead of having two different examinations we will have one, which reduces stress for students








Cross curricular


15, 16