Using’ Mathletics Digital online Platform’ from 3pl Learning for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and support classes.


Martin Durkin

Name of school

St. Mark’s Senior National School


St.Mark’s is a co-educational school which opened in 1973. There are currently 525 childen attending the school, aged from 8-13 years. The school has a Catholic ethos but is cognisant of all faiths and none. The school currently provides additional support for children with English as an Additional Language and Special Educational Needs.


The aim of this project is to support the teaching of Maths within our school using a Digital online Maths Platform developed by 3pl Learning.


Teachers will be able to assign extra maths activities to their classes to support the Maths Curriculum in the school. They will be able to provide for differentiation within their own classes. They will also be able to extend and reinforce their Maths vocabulary which is so much part of an effective Maths programme. They will be provided with their own access codes that can be used outside school. They can engage in ‘Live Global Maths Challenges’ and enjoy challenging other participants.


Fast and efficient managed broadband and wifi networks need to be made available throughout the school building.

Online access to Mathletics will be made available to all pupils in the school. This totals approximately 525 pupils and will be established through 3pl Learning. Pupils will have their own passwords. Teachers will have their own class passwords to set tasks and increment new maths material. Computers will be available in all classes but pupils will visit the computer room and all the classes will have access to the maths portal. They can also use their iPads on selected days that the mobile boxes are available to their class standard


Teachers can track and assess their pupils and class progress by accessing the class teacher accounts.


Classes can view and complete Maths challenges with other schools online. Mathletics provides a very good way of improving and building on the pupils maths vocabulary. Other curricular areas can be incorporated into lessons. Pupils can discover countries from all over the world that participate in online Maths challenges.


At present 5 teachers are engaging in eTwinning activities with European countries. We also have 2 teachers engaging in twinning with 2 US schools in Denver Colorado. Maths challenges can be arranged with partner schools through Google Hangout, Skype or Webex.


Pupils get a chance to engage in Maths in a global way online and continue to learn in a structured way.


Parents are encouraged to support their children using Mathletics and engage with them at home.


Mathletics is an engaging online portal for our pupils. They have become familiar with orientating through the different panes and are quiet confident users of the platform. We continue to strive to provide best possible broadband and wifi access for the pupils and teachers to make this project a success.


I am very happy to support these digital online platform projects when teachers assure me that they are engaging and educationally worthwhile and we are confident of improved learning outcomes.


Teachers are very happy to work with Mathletics and realise the support it gives to their Maths teaching in the class. We continue to be challenged by managing to fund these projects but are confident about that these programmes are helping us with Numeracy development in our school.


It’s fun do Maths with Mathletics. We can challenge each other or other schools online. When I finish my maths task I am allowed to go to the Maths games section as a reward.







8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13